Meet Creative Campbell

I am a woman of many talents, as we all are. I love to cook, learn new things and take on small projects. Those projects vary from how to vacation on a budget, get more fruits and vegetables into your diet, make your own Christmas ornaments and more.

I love food: Greek, Italian, Lebanese, Hungarian, Korean, Ethiopian, Japanese, Indian … I could keep going forever. I don’t just love great food, but I love learning how to make it. I love those recipes that have been passed down through generations. They always tell a story and that’s what I want to discover.

I enjoy being in the kitchen. I will admit after a crummy day at work, the last thing I want is to be near a stove. However, the kitchen is where some of the best conversations are had. I have created some of the best meals there. I’ve also burnt a few things, made a mess – all white countertops are not safe in my presence – and laughed at my own silliness. The kitchen is the central hub of the house and I enjoy being a part of it.

I am a sucker for the seasons. There’s something about the smell of apples in the fall and seeing the changing of the leaves that makes my heart leap. I love white Christmases full of holiday cheer and roaring fireplaces. It makes me smile when I smell spring clinging to the air as the rain sweeps in and encourages the blossoms. I treasure summer nights sitting on the porch with a beer listening to the cicadas. I might just be a romantic at heart, but I love each and every season.

I am happily married to a sexy, witty, considerate, intelligent and stubborn Scotsman. He’s the one who makes me smile when I feel everything has fallen apart. He stands by me when things get rough. He laughs with me when I make a mistake. He challenges me when I feel like giving up. He watches Jane Austen willingly. Tries all of the food I cook, even when it looks a little scary. He listens and holds me close. I am loved beyond compare by the best of men. I couldn’t be anymore blessed!

I am a proud mother of two greyhounds. My baby girl Sadie who is so loving, sweet and ridiculously goofy. She’s a lot like her mother: she loves food, being with her pack and needs a little reassurance when things get scary.  My big boy Arrow is a little devious, slightly stubborn like his father and very enigmatic. His face is incredibly expressive and his personality is priceless. He will win you over and wait for the right moment to steal the food off of your plate.

Lastly, I am a public servant working for the Federal Government. It is my job to interpret and explain complicated laws passed by Congress and take the necessary actions to create, resolve or update records. My job is rewarding when I get to make a difference. It is mind numbing when you deal with so many people. It is also frustrating beyond belief when people take their frustrations with politics, Presidents, Congress, etc. out on you. I am the face of the government and that has a high price.

We recently moved to South Florida where the seasons go from hot to hotter, the traffic is chaotic and it takes time to get used to the fast pace of life. South Florida has its treasures, you just have to get past the immediate frustrations to find a diamond in the rough.

I am a woman of many talents and many stories. I decided to start this blog to share some of the things that make me smile and want to try new things. I am certain that I will venture beyond my little money saving crafts, but you have to start somewhere.

Let the journey begin!

Read the Introduction to my Money Saving Blog here


7 thoughts on “Meet Creative Campbell

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m going to take a few minutes to snoop around yours. God Bless you for being a public servant. I was one once myself. I enforced the laws 🙂 Have a great week!

    • I really enjoyed your blog. Thank you for stopping by mine in return. Being a public servant is the hardest job I’ve ever had. Some days it’s worth every ounce of frustration and others I wonder what I was ever thinking. That’s life I suppose. I’m sure you’re glad your public service days are over.

  2. Hi, Thanks for liking my hand made bread post. I was surprised, you mentioned Hungarian food in your introduction, I didn’t expect it to be liked in the US. 🙂 (I’m Hungarian). Your blog is great I’m definitely going to spend time browsing it 🙂

    • My home town had great Hungarian, Ethiopian, Korean, Lebanese, Greek, Italian, Japanese and Indian restaurants. As a family, we always loved to try new foods. As an adult, I try to recreate some of those amazing meals. Feel free to pass along any family recipes. I’m always eager to learn!

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