Wedding Challenges – Children

children wedding

Children are an inevitable part of any wedding. They can be the delightful angels that pose for all of the pictures or they can be the little Heliands constantly trying to steal a taste of the wedding cake. Instead of leaving it all up to the parents, there are easy ways you can create a child friendly environment. This way all of your guests can have a great time.

Option #1 – Hire a babysitter.

If it fits in your budget, hire a babysitter to take the kids in a separate room where they can play, watch Disney movies and have fun. The children are close by so the parents can check in and the kids can have what they want most – a chance to be kids.

Option #2 – Prepare kid friendly goody bags

Put crayons, coloring books, books, play dough, chalk, bubbles, etc. in a bag so the kids will have something to play with and not be tempted to get into as much mischief.

Option #3 – Have an adults only wedding

If planning around the children doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, make it clear on the invitations that children are not welcome at the reception. Some of your guests can find their own babysitter and might enjoy an evening out. Some won’t be able to attend. It’s up to you how important that is.

For our wedding, we invited several families with children. Their ages varied from two to ten years old. We couldn’t afford a babysitter and not inviting the children simply wasn’t an option. Instead, we decided to put together goody bags. We went to the Dollar Store and prepared each bag based on the child’s age. We were so proud of our ingenious plan, however on the day of the wedding we forgot to grab the goody bags. Whoops!

That is definitely one of those small details I would go back and change. Some of the children were fine without the goody bags. Their parents were prepared. The wedding was outdoors, so there were plenty of places for the kids to run around. However, one of the families did have to go home almost immediately after the wedding because the children were misbehaving.

Parents are always grateful when you take the extra time to think about them. Yes, it is your day, but your guests matter too. Those guests could be your great aunt Sally or your newborn niece. Taking the time to accommodate all of them speaks highly about you as a bride and you two as a couple. This is one wedding detail you don’t want to glance over.

Children at weddings


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