Alternatives to Ring Bearer Pillows

DSC_0231 EDTRing bearers and flower girls are one of the best parts of weddings. The children always look adorable and even if they run screaming up and down the aisle, everyone laughs. It lightens the mood and gets the ceremony started on a lovely note.

We chose two ring bearers and two flower girls. That way the little ones wouldn’t have to walk up the aisle alone and more people could be involved. My nephew, Ethan, was two years old and ridiculously adorable. The only challenge, shared by any wedding with a ring bearer under 5 years old, we didn’t know if he was going to make it down the aisle let alone be able to carry a ring pillow without giving in to the urge to throw it.

I decided it would be a good idea to start looking for alternatives to ring pillows. The most common recommendations were using bird nests, bird cages, bird houses and ridiculously decadent pillows. None of these were good alternatives. The bird idea seemed random and a lot more delicate than the pillow.

I was about to give up hope until I started searching on for wedding ideas. Just forewarning you now – Etsy is a wonderful website for creative minds, but terrible for creative addicts. You can spends hours on there, find everything you’ve ever wanted and  realize that in the end you probably can’t use half of your brilliant ideas. I was looking for flower pins for my bridal party gifts and found these adorable blue cloth flower pins made by KimArt. They were designed to have beads in the center to hold the petals together. I contacted the seller and asked them if the beads could be replaced with some white ribbon. The seller was thrilled to work with me and loved my idea: tie the wedding rings to the flower pins. This way my adorable nephew won’t have anything to throw and we won’t lose the rings.

pin original

This is the original pin that inspired me. I loved the butterfly, but thought it would get it in the way of the ring.

This is an idea of what it looked like afterwards. We used a thinner piece of ribbon so you could see more of the flower.

This is an idea of what it looked like afterwards. We used a thinner piece of ribbon so you could see more of the flower.

I was so thrilled with my ingenious decision! The flower pins arrived months before the wedding and I was happy to cross something off of my To Do List. A couple of weeks before the wedding, my husband and I started talking about my ingenious plan. As always, he brought up a very valid point. What do we do if we can’t keep the ring bearers still long enough to untie the ring from the flower pin? What if the ring fell off of the flower pin? What if the ring bearer, like most young children, can’t make it through the whole ceremony? Who’s going to hunt down the ring in the middle of the ceremony? My brilliant idea fell to pieces in a matter of moments.

As with all good wedding decisions, we compromised. We went to Walmart and bought $5 toe rings that were tied to the flower pins which looked adorable. The best man and matron of honor were entrusted with the real rings. My nephew was especially adorable on the wedding day . My brother had spent time before the ceremony teaching him how much fun it was to walk up the aisle and run back to daddy’s arms. Just as he practiced, Ethan walked up the aisle, turned, giggled and ran back down the aisle where my brother scooped him back up. Everyone laughed. It was certainly a highlight of the wedding day.

DSC_0237 EDT

Looking back now, I have my doubts about the flower pins. I loved my idea, but it turned out that the ring bearers had more of a ceremonial duty than anything. I tried thinking of all the different ways to change the tradition and give them meaning. In the end, they were exactly what the needed to be: adorable. I’m still glad I didn’t get the ring pillow though. If my nephew were a little older, I would have put the real rings on the flower pins. The idea could have worked. I was probably just a little too ahead of the ball on that one.


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