Homemade Pizza or Delivery?




Most people without allergenic constraints love pizza. It’s an American staple. Everyone also has their opinion on which pizza place has the best deal, best flavor and of course the best pizza. My husband introduced me to BBQ Hawaiian pizza years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s simple: you take a Hawaiian pizza and instead of using marinara sauce you use BBQ sauce. I like mine with chicken and my husband loves the bacon so we compromise and get both. It’s delicious! Now, with all of the pizza places competing for the best price, there are only a few that have the BBQ Hawaiian pizza. The two I’ve found are Dominos and Papa Johns.

Earlier this week I was craving pizza. I went online and started to order the pizza from Papa Johns. I was so excited because I found a coupon for 50% off of any large pizza purchase. (coupon code – papa50)  It meant that I was going to pay $6.00 for my pizza. I was so excited until I asked for delivery. That was an extra $3.00. Then you have to tip the driver. That’s an extra dollar or more. My ridiculously cheap pizza was going to cost the same price as a regular large – around $12.00. It’s still a bargain, but is it better than homemade?

I had all of the ingredients at home. I was looking for an excuse to make homemade pizza dough anyways and this was the perfect opportunity. So, I didn’t order pizza that night, but made BBQ Hawaiian pizza from scratch the next night.

It cost:

  • $1.99 for one pound of chicken
  • $1.00 for mozzarella cheese
  • $1.00 for BBQ sauce
  • $1.00 for a can of pineapple (there was plenty leftover)
  • $0.50 for the flour and yeast to make the pizza dough
  • $0.25 for a slice or two of an onion

My total cost was around $6.00. I didn’t get to include the bacon because I didn’t have any in the kitchen. If I had, the pizza would have cost more. It took two hours to make the pizza dough because I used one of my favorite Christmas gifts, a bread maker, and simply turned on the dough cycle. There was a ton of dough and it was fluffy and delicious. I put together the pizza very quickly and it was ready in record time. It was worth every bite!

However, looking back I’m not sure it was worth it. Yes, I saved myself around $6.00, which certainly shouldn’t be shrugged off. However, it took a very long time to make. Most of it didn’t require me being in the kitchen, but I still had to plan ahead and hope I could get dinner on the table before 9:00pm. We simply had dessert before dinner, which was really nice but not practical for a week night. I think that I will keep homemade pizzas strictly for the weekend or as a special treat and go pick up my $6.00 Papa Johns pizza and call it a year.

Pizza 2


7 thoughts on “Homemade Pizza or Delivery?

  1. I always make my pizza dough using a baking mix (Bisquick). It takes about 15 minutes to get it from the box to the pizza pan. Tastes amazing with garlic and salt in the dough.

  2. I know what you mean about certain dishes taking more time than they’re worth. Sometimes, it’s best to just dish out the money and save yourself the trouble. Have you tried making pizzas on flat breads or pita pockets? They are super simple to make, quite filling, and best of all, they take little to no time to bake!

    • I haven’t tried that before. I always assumed they’d taste funny without the thick crust. I will certainly have to give it a try. Anything that saves money and time is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi! Love your blog. One useful technique to rush the rise time is to heat your oven to about 80-100 F. Turn it off. Place the wrapped dough in the warm oven for about 30 minutes.

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