Worth it or Not – Homemade Philo/Phyllo Dough

This Thanksgiving I decided to take a different approach. I wanted to try to make some of my classic cooking staples from scratch. One of my recipes calls for philo dough – a very thin dough that comes in packages of about 25-50 sheets. You normally use the philo dough on baklava and spinach pie/triangles. It’s around $5.00 in the freezer aisle. I was simply curious how on earth you’d make all of those thin sheets.

I found an article that claimed it was very simple to create your own. I had all of the ingredients – flour, water, oil, vinegar and salt. Why not give it a try?  It was a lot of fun mostly because part of the kneading process required me to throw the dough on the counter as hard as I could. It’s very therapeutic. There’s a lot of resting time required, so I made this first thing Thanksgiving morning.

My final product tasted good, but it wasn’t philo dough. It was really thin dough similar to a puff pastry without the puffiness that tore very easily. I had to use a much smaller pan and convince the dough to behave. My husband and I still enjoyed our meal, but I won’t be trying to make the philo dough again.

If you are very curious and really want to give it a try, I found a better recipe. The steps needed for this one are more than I am willing to do. I’d rather save my time, pay the five dollars and find a different bread to therapeutically beat to a pulp.

What it’s supposed to look like.

What mine looked like.


2 thoughts on “Worth it or Not – Homemade Philo/Phyllo Dough

  1. Well done for trying – I think this is one of the most difficult doughs to handle. Made strudel recently and the dought turned out nowhere near as thin as it should have, probably down to a lack of practice!? My grandmother used to make it very regularly and her strudel pastry turned out paper thin! Thanks for stopping by my page and the like!

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