Our Extreme Organize-fest

It might be October and the perfect excuse for apple pies and celebrating Oktoberfest, however our focus has been very different. We’ve renewed our lease and decided that if we were going to spend another year in our apartment we needed to make some changes. The first was to purchase a dining room table, as mentioned before. We found the perfect table at City Furniture. For an amazing price, we bought the set with a leaf and four chairs and had it delivered the next day.



A detailed look at the table pattern

The second thing we needed to do was fix our guest bedroom/office. It wasn’t functioning well as an office space and the futon wasn’t exactly something guests wanted to sleep on for a prolonged stay. When we found the dining room set we wanted, we found a sleeper sofa that was perfect. My husband wanted leather and I preferred microfiber. To our surprise, we found a couch that has both. We only needed two small red pillows to add a little extra color.

As you can tell, our son hates the futon.

Our new guest bedroom sleeper sofa

We also had to attack our guest bedroom closet that needed a lot of help. Now it wasn’t as bad as our old closet we lovingly called Middle Earth – you went in there and didn’t know if you’d get out of there again – but it still needed a bit of fixing.

Last time we moved we ran out of boxes. We decided to be smart and invest in some large plastic tubs to keep our things in. That way we could also use the tubs for storage in our new apartment. It’s a brilliant idea. We just didn’t know what to do with all of these empty tubs. We tried making them decorative and we tried shoving them in the closet. I might be creative, but I haven’t figured out how to make tubs decorative. They just look . . . out of place.

I had the day off today so my mission was to empty the metal shelf unit in the guest bedroom and put the items in the closet. In order to do that, I had to get some things out of the closet and into the tubs and then figure out where to put the tubs. By the end of the day, I felt like I was playing Tetris. At least I am proud to report that I did succeed.

Now, do not ask me where my before picture went. I remember taking it. I just can’t find it. So you’ll have to settle with the phase one picture. The project isn’t complete, but you can imagine that it was a lot worse.

Obviously we’ll be using the empty shelf space.

My husband has been amazingly supportive and helpful as we went to two different stores to get the right pillows, compared furniture prices at three different locations and helped me organize and condense our stuff. We did all of this in one weekend and so much more. I would not have taken on any of this without him!

The only negative is that right now we’re stuck in a slight state of limbo. City Furniture was willing to deliver our furniture and set it up the following day. The only problem, we still haven’t gotten rid of the futon and crummy excuse of a desk. The two of us and our two dogs are quite surrounded right now. It’s a constant game of “we can’t move this until we get rid of that.” Hopefully by the end of the week we’ll have some before and after pictures of the guest bedroom to show you. Right now, it’s still a work in progress.

Oh and don’t worry, I’ve been planning ahead and will be posting about caramel sauce this week. There are still plenty of Worth it or Not ideas still happening while we’re organizing our home.


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