Worth it or Not – Price Matching

Price matching is where a company will match a local competitor’s sale price. Two companies that offer this are Walmart and Target. The idea is that you save gas and time by purchasing everything you need at one grocery store.

You have to know the rules before you venture out:

1.) You have to have proof of the sale price such as the weekly ad. If you don’t have the weekly ad with you, you can pull it up on your smart phone.

2.) If Kraft Mac & Cheese is on sale, you can’t go to Target and try to get Velveeta for the same sale price. They will match the exact product only. Be very aware of this. If the advertised product is 15 ounces and Walmart only has it in 16 ounces, you will not get a price match.

3.) It has to be a local store’s weekly ad. Sorry, your online ads are no good.

4.) If it is a buy one get one sale, the price matching store will sell you the product at 50% of their regular price. This can be good if it’s cheaper at the store before the 50% off. If it isn’t, you’ve lost money.

5.) You need to know where to go to get your price match. At Walmart, you can go to any cashier. At Target, you have to go to customer service which means a longer waiting time.

I have tried price matching at both stores. I personally find the BOGO deals to be a big hassle and prefer to go to the original store. For any other price match, it’s one simple step for the cashiers to fix the price. For BOGOs, they have to do all sorts of extra inputs and tend to mess up. So, I go to the original store because it really is faster and I get the price I wanted.

Price matching can be really nice if I only want 1-2 sale items from a particular store. Just be aware that Walmart and Target tend to have higher prices on their other products that aren’t included in the local weekly ads. If you’re like me, you go to the grocery store to get the sale items and to purchase other things. Walmart and Target plan on this hoping to make a profit. If you’re not careful, you can quickly lose all of the money you’ve saved.

The only time I find price matching really worthwhile is when it comes to fresh produce. You don’t have to worry about ounces and most places do not list a brand name in the ad, which means that Walmart will match it regardless. I saved over $10 on fresh blueberries and was a very happy camper. Target is a 50/50 shot. Sometimes they will price match and other times they don’t. To me, that’s a waste of time. I’d rather go to Walmart where they will price match produce every time.

Basically, price matching is worth it in my opinion for fresh produce and specific items. However, I do not encourage purchasing your whole grocery list at either Target or Walmart unless you know the products are cheaper there. Price matching can be a hassle, so I find that I don’t use it very often. I’d rather support the companies that offered the sale in the first place. My opinion: it’s not always worth it.

Maybe your experience has been different. Do you think price matching is worth it or not?


4 thoughts on “Worth it or Not – Price Matching

    • Maybe price matching will be worth it for you if you’re only going to one store. This way you can get all of the deals without the extra trip. You just have to look through the weekly ads before to be able to compare deals. It’s a lot more effective than couponing, I can definitely tell you that!

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with price matching! To answer your question, whenever I think about price matching, I like to take into account the travel time and costs. (Gas is far from inexpensive these days!) If the place is very far, then I would save more at a closer store. I’ve written more about my take on price matching on a blog as entry as well: http://goo.gl/hHJdcN . Sometimes, while price matching is great, I wonder if some businesses are willing to go the extra mile and /beat/ prices.

    • I still enjoy price matching but I only do it at certain stores to avoid the hassle. Target is good but they take forever. I however like that they’ll price match Amazon.com’s prices. Because of the time, I only go to Target for specific items. Otherwise I just use my competitors coupons at one location and call it a year. If I didn’t I would be going to 3-4 stores each week which isn’t worth it in the end.
      I will definitely look forward to reading your blog. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my post.

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